Monthly Archives: June 2010

The All The Lovers clip is here, and it is very satisfying, if not the genre defining moment we had all hoped for. In a sense there’s not much too it that the various ‘making-of’ pics hadn’t already revealed – Kylie looking tarted up atop a mountain of underwear-clad LA hopefuls, making out in an appropriately sanitised manner. But in contrast to the usually wilfully ridiculous imagery of most vids these days, this one’s pleasingly ‘on message’, with its casting of K as a modern day Aphrodite seducing the aforementioned LA actors into their sanitised orgy. This I like, particularly in the wonderfully celebratory final moments.
But haven’t we seen these heaving piles (hmm, that sounds iffy) of young people before? Hasn’t there been some kind of soccer ad, or Nike ad, that’s done this already? Or is it this I’m thinking of? Anyway, that’s an aside. My biggest criticism would be that, visually at least, it feels a bit like some kind of big budget Bravia ad. Something about the light? Some might call it soulless, but instead I’ll choose to see it as ‘crisp’. Otherwise I think it’s pretty great, and a wonderfully non- age appropriate direction for her to be treading after the rather cautious X era imagery. Good on her for being blasted in fake tan, airbrushed to death and having the courage to shake it with a bunch of desperate 20-something actors. I think it’s her best clip since Slow.