Delta called on it…

A very spot on article about Delta Goodrem’s addiction to advertising dollars (do Age journalists trawl pop fan sites for stories? What is going on…). I was already slightly overwhelmed with the Sunsilk ads, Nintendo ads, soy milk… but now Proactiv?? Surely this is a bit low rent? The article speculates that she’s trying to cash in on her fame while it lasts, and this seems like a sensible hypothesis considering Sony’s decreasing interest in her quest for global domination (after the lukewarm local success of Delta, and her dumping in the US). I’m generally ambivalent about celebrity cash-in endorsements, but I think the extent of the cash-in has to be in proportion to the extent of one’s fame. If the ratio is off then a festering ‘career decline’ stench can set in… Delta’s ratio is certainly off.

But about that Proactiv ad. Because, you see, it is HILARIOUS. Not only because Delta has the cheek to say that ‘she wants to make a difference to people’s lives in a positive way… and this [her Proactiv endorsement] is part of it.’ But she’s also clearly turning into some parodic Ja’mie King type — all those shots of her purring at the camera, flicking her extensions about, signing autographs etc… ‘the most important part of what I do is connecting with people.’ Oh dear.
This is a trivial aside, but I notice that her NZ Sunsilk TV ad was projected behind her during the opening act of her creatively awful Believe Again tour. This makes sense as I remember thinking at the time that the footage of her parading down a fashion show runway looked a bit expense… so the commercial world is now fully integrated into her art (but not in a cool Madonna Pepsi ad type way). I miss old-school Delta. I blame Brian McFadden


5 responses to “Delta called on it…

  1. Have you already discussed the possibility that she has had ‘work’? (I don’t know where I would have heard this from if not here.)

    Because I think she has.

  2. Yes, I believe I have discussed this topic. I won’t make any claims, but the ageing process has certainly thinned her nose out… I’m just sayin.

  3. I think if we examined our own noses in photos over the past ten years they would look different!!!

    But I agree Delta has lost the sweet innocence of her neighbours days and now seems very grasping.

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