The clip’s a mish-mash of ideas, but I think this is the strongest song yet from I am… Sasha Fierce. Perhaps this is the album of increasing returns, considering the trajectory from the limp If I Were a Boy, which seemed to be splicing If God Was One of Us with some essentialising gender assumptions. (Single Ladies never completely grabbed me.) But I remain opposed to the basic concept — that Beyonce’s ‘true’ self and ‘Sasha Fierce’ self aren’t able to be reconciled. AND PS I don’t want to mention her by name, but I also want to acknowledge how horrible this is. It pleases me that she’s fast becoming a caricature of herself, even though she was going for pastiche all along — I’m sick of her wide-eyed I’m innocent but not look. And seriously, the song (which I will not name) appears to be a RomCom synopsis sung (badly) over MOR rock. I give it 2 years before she’s got a Rita style sitcom.


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  1. I love the Beyonce video and the amazing KATY PERRY clip! I love Katy, you’re not one of those “I Kissed A Girl” is homophobic loons are you? I hope you just hate her because you think she’s shit.

  2. Well, yes, I have been known to vent the view that Perry is to some degree homophobic (at the very least I kissed a girl frames girl kissing as a seedy detour to please the watching boyfriend. And then there’s Ur so gay). But more importantly, I think she’s shit. So overrated, and once the novelty singles had come and gone, she just seemed like any other warbling Ashlee Simpson type.

    I question your taste here! But I do not judge…

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