I’d prefer not to link to Perez, but oh my, this is like theatre. What a strange character he is (and perhaps, hopefully, this is a character he’s enacting.) He comes across as some kind of horrid grown up Valley girl-pure Id creature that you can imagine screaming ‘I want it NOW’ to hapless sales staff and then smashing things. And so unaware of the vitriol he spurts out every day — e.g. I am a human being and should never be a victim of violence [true]. Ps Fergie’s a “fugly bitch” and Will.I.am’s a Fa****. And way to fight your war on homophobia by deploying fa**** as your ultimate insult… Progressive reclamation? Doubt it.


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  1. Oh lord, I really shouldn’t post comments while under the influence. I just wanted to say how disturbing it was to see Perez on the evening news. I’m not a violent person but I would have slapped him too. How dare he consistently abuse a woman on her website and expect those close to her not to be offended?

  2. I am gaining sick satisfaction from the growing backlash… Will be interesting to see which celebs are brave enough to criticize him, and risk a year’s worth of degrading scribbles…

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