No need to write about music, as this week I’m doing it over here. So instead I will write about my Alcopops party.
But first I need to talk about Steve Fielding, who I find annoying on a number of levels. For one thing, I find it insulting that he would put Families First (‘Family grows out of heterosexual relationships between men and women‘). But that’s not all. He rejects harm minimisation, rejects a woman’s right to choose, doesn’t believe in climate change, and suggests that ‘stronger families’ are the solution to everything from addressing indigenous disadvantage to fixing the health system. Where did he get it into his head that the family is marginalised? This guy is a *nut*.

So, I thought the best way to honour Fielding would be to celebrate his famously contradictory stance on an ‘Alcopops’ tax increase, in which he claimed to have won the war against the alcohol lobby by voting down a rise. This was against a mountain of evidence suggesting that taxation is the best way to fight problem drinking. Perhaps families function better if little Sally and Tommy are sucking down a Breezer or two before moving on to various other rites of passage like STIs and teen pregnancy.

But anyway, I digress. My point is that to celebrate Fielding I threw an ‘Alcopops’ party (with the emphasis on POP), and here is what I learned:

1. Once you go Alcopop, you can never go back — no need to endure the taste of alcohol ever again, with the added bonus of SUGAR. Cheers to that!

2. Alcopops should not be consumed while also trying to create Martha Stewart style lighting vistas. By which I mean, tea candles are very dangerous and can lead to serious burns (and perhaps an honourable mention in ‘Stuff White People Like.’)

3. And music-wise: Lady GaGa remains highly devisive on the dancefloor, Kylie’s The One remains the most satisfying playlist peak, along with anything Freemasons, and why bother with emo when you can enjoy The Veronica’s Untouched.

4. Flash photography does not flatter alcopop-fuelled trash dancing.

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