I’m sick again (not swine), which is making pop less enjoyable. I am however sampling bad morning TV (how sweetly Sunrise dovetails into The Morning Show). Only today I had the pleasure of watching the delightful Samantha Brett (aka Sam and the City) and Melissa Hoyer (fashion gatekeeper) in the one program. Sam Brett was helpfully talking about dating strategies for “desperate 35-year olds”. Isn’t she, like, 23? These strategies include dating with wine. As part of this expansive examination, she also helpfully referred, straight-faced, to the “Bridget Jones syndrome” in which 35-year-old women become, like, desperate. Her column is bad enough, but seeing her delusions of Sex and the City-style-glamour being lived out visually is so much more painful. 

Almost time for Ellen, but I should note that despite my grumpiness, this has made me happy (although it might be one of those viral things that everyone has seen except me):


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  1. OK that was a weird experience. Loved the high kicks though.

  2. I like “Atlas holds the heavens”, but also “big horizons in the aviation industry”

  3. Samantha Brett is an awful wench. She is 25. I have nothing but scorn for her.

  4. My favourite Sam Brett image was a piece on ACA years ago, gushing on about her exciting SATC lifestyle. There was a shot that was supposed to recreate the “Carrie has revelation on laptop in apartment window” refrain from each SATC episode, except the bodgy Sam Brett version featured an old PC (slightly yellowed, oldschool monitor (cathode ray?)), in a windowless beige room. I think it summed her up perfectly.

  5. Oh cheer up, love! I have the flu too and it’s pretty gross. At least I’ve been able to spend the past few days watching repeats of the Golden Girls.

  6. I always felt so safe watching the Golden Girls… that and the Love Boat. I think in both cases it was the muted shades of peach and beige.

  7. Guy! You must see this!

  8. HA!!! My favourite is “dangling balls?… METAPHOR”. I’ve always loved that clip. I find it absolutely incomprehensible, and Bonnie Tyler seems highly predatory…

  9. PS I really feel that Nicki French made TEOTH her own…

  10. Are you better yet?!

  11. Ha ha, yes, better. No swine flu yet, even though I’m in “swine city”. Just bogged down with various work/study things that mean my blog is dying. I am however quite taken with Spencer Pratt’s rapping style — thank you indeed for alerting me to Heidi Montag. But seriously, is Spencer Pratt *comedy rapping*??

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