OMG. WTF. Kylie is touring the US!! I never thought it would happen. Shockingly, her hardcore American gay fan-base will finally be able to see their queen. Finally sub-standard US pop tarts will get a glimpse of true pop art (take that GaGa). Somehow, no matter what, I’m seeing her in NYC. In honour: 

UPDATE: Cute US Today show appearance. Surprisingly candid about not being financially sensible to tour the States.


2 responses to “

  1. What is with those awful women on the Today show and why do they all have such big hair (even Kylie, like they have infected her!!)?

  2. Ha ha — Yeah, it’s kind of like the show was hijacked by lunch ladies. I do find the pacing of these 4 minute interviews quite painful… “Kylie you’re so fabulous… you’re touring… you had CANCER… and wrap up”…

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