Kylie does not stop…

Kylie does “predatory leather”…
For some reason Kylie can’t stop touring. Perhaps, as some would speculate, she’s deferring the inevitable post-tour void that awaits self-obsessed, control-freak superstars (not my words or theory, I should add). Speaking of, Madonna’s also sending Sticky & Sweet out on the road again, which means that a bad album (Hard Candy) is getting not one, but two tours in its honour, possibly because Madge doesn’t quite know what to do with herself.
Watching stadium artists play at festivals (K’s playing at the “Ischgl Festival,” whatever the hell that is. It seems to be in a ski resort. On a mountain) is a bit like seeing peacocks plucked of their beautiful, shiny feathers. The lighting’s always a bit unflattering, the stage a bit low-rent, and there’s generally no floating video-screens and descending glitter skulls. Which explains K’s somewhat bodgy “big reveal” (I see you dancers!) But I love the new costume, sleazy sunglasses and all. And she looks great, and seems in good voice. So yay to more touring. And after the build up to Homecoming, and the question of whether she could tour at all, it is quite heartening that she’s travelled the world with KylieX2008 and still doesn’t feel like stopping.
UPDATE: Here’s a clip with all her new outfits…

3 responses to “Kylie does not stop…

  1. i LOVE this – it’s so fitting – it’s like she’s in outer space! I wish I was on planet Kylie!

  2. Me too. I want to be a drone. Or by that pool in the Slow clip…

  3. I want to be by the pool in the slow clip. But I don’t need to be on camera. Just very happy to be near… And props to Kylie for going hard in that Ishgkshhmll weather! Blizzardy!

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