Ronan Keating

This is artistically and commercially awful. But I must share. Yes he’s sucked the life out of Time After Time (karaoke instrumentation, limp delivery, a sense he’s just singing a series of words), but even worse it’s part of  a ‘tribute compilation’ for his late mother (lovely intent I’m sure) which is being tactically released to coincide with Mother’s Day. This seems an unsettling mix of sentiment and $$. Everyone knows Mother’s Day is pop commerce gold — probably the most important day of the year for the thoughtless purchase of music for people who don’t really like music. The kind of day Sony Music likes best. The kind of day that keeps Human Nature alive. But come to think of it there’s another thing fueling my distaste. While, yes, through Boyzone Ronan has contributed much to the realm of homoerotic pop, he is however responsible for Westlife, and therefore responsible for Brian McFadden, and therefore responsible for the Brian-Delta union. This will not be forgotten. 

2 responses to “Ronan Keating

  1. Uhg. Barreling momentum, soaring strings, buoyant guitar solo and harmonies. That’s how you do it.

  2. Take note or your Berlin gigs, Camille. I’m sure Berliners will totally get into barreling momentum…

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