More Kylie product…

More off-season Kylie merch, this time from Spanish jeweller Tous. Directed by Ellen von Unwerth, it seems to have been filmed on tour and features some of the dancers as well as her glamorous-glamorous-gl-glamourous (flossy flossy) musical director Sarah DeCourcy (I think), who looks exactly as one would imagine musical directors look in 70s Bond films. Very much poaches the Justify my Love concept (also filmed mid-tour) of saucy maid in Euro-hotel peering through ‘peep-hole’ to catch god knows what going on inside, except in contrast to Madge’s sinful festival of erotica, all that seems to be happening here is K skipping around drinking champagne, spinning around to feel dizzy (like we did in primary school), and then passing out on top of a giant fur rug. For reference, here’s Justify my Love, although unfortunately the only version I could get has a very different song overlaid, which makes for a very different effect….

Even today, I don’t think you’d get someone of Madonna’s (celebrity) stature making a clip like this. I think we’ve become accustomed to seeing bodies, but nothing this darkly erotic. 


2 responses to “More Kylie product…

  1. I find it kind of endearing that the Kylie ad ends with, “THE END”. Also, I’d agree with you re: ‘Justify My Love’ if the men in it weren’t so obviously not into sexing ladies (even if they are Madonna).

  2. Yes, I don’t think they wanted to sex Madonna. Except Tony Ward was, I think, but might have been an aberration. Which reminds me I’ve been meaning to watch In Bed With Madonna again — I wanna see her do her pre-concert prayers and then spit out her gum violently…

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