Kylie admits to Botox, and various other miscellaneous procedures. Good on her. I admire her delicate wording around plastic surgery “issues”. Traditionally she’s said she makes the best of what’s available to look her best, and then quite rightly points out that when she looks good we say she’s had work done, and when she doesn’t we say she’s old, and probably should get work done. Fair point. Because I think on some level we want her to remain ageless.

I’ve also enjoyed Courtney Love’s (initial) response to plastic surgery rumours — wearing a smirk, and with a twinkle in her eye, she simply proclaimed the transformative powers of yoga. Then there’s Cher’s choice quote: “they are my tits and if I wanna have them put on my back that is my own damn business”. Another fair point. And speaking of such bold procedures, Joan Rivers has now written a guide to plastic surgery, which I’m not entirely sure is a joke.

But still no word from Madge:

As a rule I find plastic surgery much more creepy when it’s not spoken about. For example, every time I see a photo of Madge’s face now I can’t help but picture two silicone orbs stuffed under her cheeks. Cheeks are huge right now.

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