I’m finding this ever so sweet, because I find Kerry Armstrong’s ‘smug self-actualisation’ hard to stomach. So many magazine profiles talking about how centred she is, her journey blah blah blah, usually with a soft-focus image of her sitting cross-legged on a rustic wooden floor drinking herbal tea, with beads. But then you see what she’s saying and it’s just nuts
Anyway, I think I’ve been anti-Kerry since happening upon (I think) a 7.30 Report segment years ago talking about the work she was doing with a charity encouraging indigenous kids to get into acting. After much footage of her talking about how important it was, what she was doing, for the kids, it then cut to the actual proceedings. This consisted of her emoting on stage, with the aforementioned kids plonked beside her in front of giant projection screens of her face. I’ve found this hard to forget.
So I had a hearty chuckle when I saw that her extreme selling-out has so publicly backfired. The mums of Australia will just never forgive her. For more evidence of how nauseating pop psychology can be, have a look at Kerry here:

The secret… of circles.

ACTUALLY watching this again has made me realise what it is that bugs me… when she talks about all this self help stuff, you get this sense that she’s more focused on the performance of her talking about it than the stuff itself. A ha!!

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  1. OMG! that is priceless. She makes me feel angry and nauseous. Untie the knots and be liberated with Diet Coke for your kiddies!!!

  2. She is a truly painful human being.I also remember her rambling on unendingly in her AFI award acceptance speech a few years ago. It was the most vacuous self-obsessed twaddle I have ever heard. They started played the music but she just kept going…

  3. I remember that too! She made it sound like she was getting a Nobel Peace Prize, not a ‘you did well pretending you were someone else in a movie’ prize. Bleh.

  4. I used to serve her at this terrible cafe I worked at. Silly mole used to contunually order food (hots dogs etc – reeeeal healthy stuff for her kids ‘a course), pay for it and then leave, saying she’d be back to get it in a few minutes. Soo many times she completely forgot. So not only are her kids fed rubbish food, but it is on an inconsistent basis!

  5. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me — perhaps she’s so self-aware and self-actualised that she has lost all other forms of awareness, e.g. that money is a tool with which to acquire goods etc…

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