This is bad pop. And just when I was starting to like Natalie Bassingthwaighte too, or at least her cheery big sister SYTYCD persona (as in, not her terrible music). But this has a plodding dirge-like quality, with the following lyrical centrepiece: “And the world is like a mirror ball/ I’m spinning in the after-glow of Love”. Hee hee hee, that’s funny. 

Speaking of careerist Australians, Dannii has a blog. And interestingly, she makes what I take to be a reference to working with the Freemasons. She’s also looking great at the moment. Oh K, how you have fallen.


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  1. I am seriously shocked by the Kylie bashing going on around here! Fallen?!! The Freemasons were K’s five minutes ago! One fashion-forward dress does not make Dannii not an X-factor judge with a dodgy DODGY list of failed hits behind her. (And her stupid fake double Ds make the dress not fit properly anyway.) Kylie is a better pop star, a better fashion plate and a better Minogue any day. (And I’d go European cads over rugby players any day.) Bowling Ball, I really am shocked!!

  2. Fair point, fair point. Just because Dannii is inexplicably gaining cool, despite no actual work, no actual $ucce$$, and her giant, ahem, “baps”, doesn’t mean Kylie’s star has fallen. Fair point.

  3. Thank god. Otherwise I was going to have to organise an intervention!! Dannii’s blog features a) her inexplicably holding a large horn and b) shots of her in that bible of mediocrity and household tips In Style Magazine. Not cool. The Come Into My World clip was played on RAGE the other night – Kylie in D&G, directed by Gondry and a genuinely great pop song. That alone = game, set, match. I’m all for great baps but not those big fake ones…

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