I do occasionally watch the Today show in my zombie-wake-up window between around 7.10-7.40. It provides a safe “nothing” space, akin to those lost minutes in the shower when you’re not quite ready to admit it’s over and the trudge to work begins. I can’t say I *enjoy* it though. In fact it’s quite painful to watch, mostly because, since the days of Jessica Rowe, Today has been acting like the more serious aunt unsuccessfully trying to crack wacky jokes ’cause her zestful sister (Sunrise) was getting all the attention. 
It’s also painfully conservative, with Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic playing the Mum and Dad role, as in the awful 9am with David and Kim, and Sunrise — like the classic older guy newsreader, younger girl reader couple, which makes us feel more comfortable because its, like, nuclear. BUT, the most interesting thing is that Karl, it seems, has been “Koched”. As in, at some point over the last few years, someone evidently decided Karl was too boring and serious, and asked him to act like David Koch. And now he’s acting all alpha male, making wobbly sports commentary, vaguely sexist comments, acting all Dad-like when interviewing younger women, and making bad jokes. Very unpleasant. And I still haven’t forgiven Lisa Wilkinson for her days on Beauty and the Beast, in which she apparently represented some kind of “new” feminism that even at the time seemed a bit shaky. I do sound full of bile.

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