NEWSFLASH: Miley Cyrus’ real name is Destiny. Destiny Hope to be exact. Which adds a new twist to the best lyric of 2008: My best friend Leslie said/ Oh, she’s just being Miley…

Actually, See You Again needs to be acknowledged as one of the watershed moments of 2008, announcing as it did that tweenpop was where musical excitement was *happening*. Although the greatness of See You Again stems from the way in which it seems so very inappropriate for tweenpop, namely the slightly been-around-the-block lyrics, such as:
I’ve got my heart set on you and I’m ready to wait/ I have a heart that will never be tamed…

I’ve got a way of knowing when something is right/ I feel like I must’ve known you in another life/ Cuz I felt this deep connection when you looked in my eyes…

Does that sound like 15-year old speak? To be fair the chorus does (“the last time I freaked out, I just kept looking down… the next time we hang out, I will redeem myself…”). But the effect of this alternating old-young-old-young verse-chorus pattern is to set up an uncomfortably predatory vignette (to steal your dancefloor observations, Catherine). Here it is one more time…

4 responses to “

  1. And also note how Miley seems to channel the performing instinct of someone older and slightly lecherous, which adds to the whole effect…

  2. She is devil spawn.

  3. Not devil spawn! I like her ballsiness (spelling?), but not so much the racist photo incident… I think she’s a good thing for music!

  4. Spawn of the devil.

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