More Kylie produce!

But seriously, where except G-A-Y would men actually be wearing Kylie’s new fragrance for men? Unless it becomes a sort of scent-based code (thinking of The Swimming Pool Library’s “Trouble for Men”). 

Nice to see her with her latin lover, although something about her slightly Marks & Sparks hair extensions, cod-coy looks and lace “bingo-wings” (to quote her) concealing top veers a bit close to the “tipsy aunt at family function cracking onto teenager” look she launched here:

I know it seems I’m coming down a bit hard on K at the moment, but my absolute respect for her is entirely critical. I still think Spinning Around is a bit crass, I don’t like her album filler, and even though I claimed to like Red Blooded Woman for a period, that was after lots and lots of effort, and I’ve since thoroughly renounced it.

4 responses to “More Kylie produce!

  1. Inverse… Inversion… Invert… Is K in fact referencing sexological theories of the late 19thC? Unintentional connotation, or knowing reference to sexual categories? Has William B perhaps been instructing on the undulations of queer history? I suspect not, but I knew something in the name sounded familiar.

  2. Hmmm… she’s doing the Bardot homage again but it’s just a bit weird. That first close up of her is actually just *awful* – her face looks weird and she does such forced ‘sexy’ that she looks like a Big Girl’s Blouse sketch of ‘sexy’. And weird how her and The Man are never in the same shot, especially as they are now dating?! (He is apparently in the Camberwell compound meeting Ron and Carol right now!). It just looks cheap and kind of nasty. Sad to say it…

  3. Totally Big Girls Blouse! But also true that, as mentioned at, the shot you can see before you click on the youtube link does indeed look very much like Better the Devil You Know… but that in itself is kind of creepy. Had no idea the dude had been welcomed into the fold! I think we really do need to stalk chateau Minogue

  4. Yes! It is SO trying to be a Better the Devil moment but… not… working. Sad. Leave it behind Kylie! Stick with the gorgeously cropped, blond, age-celebrating ‘do and kill of the extensions once and for all! And perhaps avoid European men?! And maybe stop pushing product for awhile?!

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