I feel an obligation to post this. Hmmm.


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  1. Aw. Kyles. Give her a go, Guy. This kind of Australian stuff makes me feel dirty though…

  2. Australia will never leave you, Camille…

  3. Oh, I missed it…video has been pulled!

  4. Video is back. I love her. I LOVE her. But I hate this patronising song which should be called ‘I Won’t Pay Taxes Here But I Get Sentimental Sometimes’. Ugh. Why should our ‘alternative national anthem’ be about being anywhere else but here? It’s like getting the hometown admiration while simultaneously parading cultural cringe … bad choice. Sorry Kylie. God I’m already feeling guilty for bagging her in any way… hating on the song, not my idol!!!

  5. I think I was miffed that she pulled out her super English accent — why does it fluctuate so?? She sounded Australian at Homecoming, British at KylieX…

  6. Maybe she has to has to be here longer to revert back to the vowel twang we do so well… apparently she was straight off the plane… and she has lived over there for 20 years now (hence my earlier rant!).

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