I’ve been going through a bit of a Roisin Murphy phase at the moment, finally getting into Ruby Blue, and reigniting my love for Overpowered, which seems very close to the perfect fusion of complex emotion and beats. But there’s also something amazing going on in the fashion department that needs to be acknowledged:

1970s Cher meets Edina Monsoon…
Knitting with Bjork?
Omen of death descends in London?

Foreboding spider creature chic?

But this I love. Alot of her best work seems to be about long-term relationship entanglement, presumably working through her breakup from, you know, the Moloko guy. And this clip just gets me — all the shots of her alone in empty domestic scenes, with that thinly concealed madness that she does so well (apparently she is a little loopy). Particularly like the bit at 2.08 where she’s eating her cereal, but then slides the plate away because what’s the point

One response to “

  1. Yes yes YES. I love her so much. For some reason I forget that I love her until I am at home alone late at night listening to the solo albums and then I am blown away by how good they are… then I go to bed, have dreams which her voice soundtracks and then wake up and forget how good she is… weird. And her outfits are indeed The Business.

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