Wow, I didn’t think this would actually happen, but now they’re doing ads together? They do seem like a dangerously co-dependent couple, considering they’re unable to do anything career-related without their “other halves”. Also v. amusing that Delta felt the need to whack her gold record front and centre…

An alternate Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony?

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  1. Delta Goodrem and the Nintendo Wii. Where do I start?Well, I think we need to point out that your website firmly has its finger on the pulse of pop culture. The remarkably prescient entry can be found < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.Oh, Delta…is that the sound of the cash slowly drying up <>In This Life<>?? Has it really come to pimping out your relationship to the highest bidder?Is your self esteem so low that you need to remind us of your gold record win, so prominently displayed?And the sheer irony of the ending…as though we are really spying on an intimate moment. “We don’t tell anyone about this….” “Oh, we do!” <>Yes, let’s not tell anyone…anyone except for perhaps the camera crew in our (probably pretend) house, and anyone watching primetime Australian telly. Otherwise, shhhhhhhh, let’s not tell anyone at all!Bah! Balls!ps I think the choice of flowy top is probably hiding a pregnancy.pps Which she will likely abort in case it interferes with her failing US career aspirations.ppps < HREF="" REL="nofollow">These people<> need lives. Seriously…5 pages of ‘that’s so cute’ is just disturbing. Naive 12 year olds, or just mentally challenged. My money’s on both!

  2. That’s a very considered comment! I agree she’s totally bringing in the $$, probably in case Sony shuns her like they have most other Australian divas. Or maybe they’ll lump her in with the Young Divas?And my god the fan site… So many smiley faces… Such glee at seeing Brian and Delta flogging themselves for $$. It’s scary seeing the delusion of fandom from the outside. And I’m also not used to this kind of fan innocence, particularly after trolling for so long through the hellish, cut-throat Kylie forums, in which in false move will launch an army of snarky bitches. Also amusing if you search “nose job” in Delta’s forum — comment after comment denying there’s been any change at all… she’s just grown up, it seems.

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