Taylor Swift @ Billboards

I’ve only actually heard two of her songs, and didn’t really know what to expect, but Taylor Swift’s arrival in Melbourne brought with it an Obamaesque air of change. Despite the unfortunate Billboards setting, and despite the fact that she really does look like a fox (as in the animal, rather than a “foxy” fox), she has completely won me over: such energy, such showmanship, such unfiltered glee, such poise. For a moment I felt that this millennium could indeed bring hope. Highlights included:
  1. The crowd: Judging by the high-pitched squeals and the fact that even I was ID’d, this was a young crowd, hilariously composed of teenage princesses, Tamworth blow-ins in cowboy shirts and gay men in cowboy shirts.
  2. Her big reveal: See the youtube link below for an example, but her big costume “reveal” was priceless, as was the look on her face of “yep, I really did that!!”.
  3. The tap dogs influence: Yep, percussion on garbage bins.
  4. Her messages of hope: I was feeling kind of glum about the future, but now that an 18 year old’s told me change is on the way, I believe it.

Costume reveal…

And Billboards bin banging!


3 responses to “Taylor Swift @ Billboards

  1. That costume reveal was pretty exciting!

  2. Yep, I’m diggin’ the costume reveal too!Good bit of drama!

  3. I really can’t convey how exciting it was. Also I liked the way it made fun of the whole credibility thing — she can play her guitar in jeans and a hoodie, or a gold dress, and the music’s still the same. Actually, it was just really cool.

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