Can frippery survive in the real world?

With flexible government working arrangements, it can.

But nonetheless, as the clock ticks towards my return to “The Bureaucracy”, the need grows to document the frivolous and pointless. A few more things:
1. Natalie Bassingthwaite has debuted at no.1!! End of days? Or an extension of the unexplained popularity of Human Nature et al and their banal cover albums. Being a cover album, they at least had the luxury of choosing kind-of decent songs (although presumably cheap, cheap, cheap kind-of decent songs). But Nat’s do actually sound like Rogue Traders off-cuts, which is a very confronting concept. Maybe she represents the triumph of careerism after-all… the Tracy Flick approach to stardom?
2.  Ellen Degeneres is 51!? I find this hard to accept… and makes me realise how old Madonna seems through trying to seem young. I should remember this in 20 years time (and opt-out of the obvious path towards Madonna-style ageing that lies before me??)
3. I love Joy  Behar  from The View for bringing up the issue of gay teen suicide. She would be my ideal hip New York aunt.
4. And finally, I often forget about this, but Holly Valance’s absolutely disasterous second album kick-off single really was very, very good. And I love her humourless donning of a Ramones t-shirt.

3 responses to “

  1. One of us! One of us!

  2. But I never left you…

  3. A couple of things. I LOVE that flow chart. You should make a hard copy and pin it above your desk to always remember to fripp…(to fripperate?). Also, yes! That Holly V song rocks – I remember loving it at the time. The Ramones tee threatening to show side-boob at any moment, the flipping-of-the-bird to those damn preppy girls, the rock out bits. Excellent. Only moment on concern is when she is rolling around on that floor – you know it’s not a real club then cos not even the dirtiest girls get on those sticky floors. Ewww. (and – as a completely unrelated aside – does anyone else wonder about these word verifications? I’m about to type ‘eluxest’…?!)

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