Ben Cousins’ fashion legacy?


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  1. what?! No commentary?!! I need to know your THOUGHTS on these extraordinary images!!

  2. But pictures are so much easier!! I’m just intrigued by the emergence of the male bust in recent years, as exemplified by Cousins’ flaunty tops. Mostly his influence has been contained to 18 year olds on the town, but this SYTYCD guy is really quite dogmatic in his adherence… a somewhat frightening vision of what a few more years and a gym membership can bring?

  3. Shane from the L-Word has started wearing t-shirts like this in the final series. I think it’s an international thing that transcends Ben Cousins.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Pic of Shane in chest-cleavage t-shirt<>

  4. And I should also point out that Shane wearing this shirt is, I believe, a reference to the creeping ubiquity of this look for men.

  5. I guess Shane from the L-word + Ben Cousins = unarguable global phenomenon…

  6. That statistics has done you good.

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