Things I do actually like

Its ‘liquid eroticism’ has been the staple of many a house-party bump n’grind for the better part of a year now. Possibly Madonna’s Greatest. Moment. Ever.

This is hardly new either, and it smells a little of The Peel, but I’m still in love with this song, and keep going back for more. I generally love pop with a hint of utter desperation and obsession, and K singing “love me, love me, love me” while seeming so together is a great contrast (and not hard to believe either). Still shocked by her (or Biffco’s) ability to make dancefloor conquests seem so epic…
As for newer things, I love this, but I can’t decide whether it’s also a little lame (not that that’s a deal-breaker for me necessarily). I admire that they’ve hired Stuart Price, and that they’re obviously not afraid of a bit of dance influence, Mormons that they are. And the clip recalls the trashiest of 2001 Ibiza dance trash, which I think is great.
I suspect this has been floating around on her last few tours, but nonetheless it’s great to have some new material after pushing Robyn for… so… long. Sounds a little bit Spiller ft Sophie Ellis Bextor, with slightly jarring lyrics. Actually, not sure what I think but I will always give her the benefit of the doubt. Also love seeing her in NY for some reason.

And thanks to Tim for this tip. I’m always a fan of a good Sugababes statement of survival (in fact Stronger got me through many a close at Blockbuster Hartwell, back in the day) and these are some seriously great lyrics: “I’m not growing old before my time/ Even when there’s warning signs/ That consequently I can see/ The situation’s heavy, heavy”. I guess survival is understandably a key Sugababes theme, considering their ruthless and regular lineup changes.


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