A pleasant surprise to see Rose Porteous make an appearance on Failblog, right below an unfortunately dildo-shaped ET “finger light”. 

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  1. That is fantastic!< HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ0JM5zdGTM" REL="nofollow">This is her having a tanty…<>

  2. Where is this from?? I think I need to watch this doco… I love it when she refers to her “goodie bag”!

  3. It was from a doco aired on the ABC in 2002 called ‘Rose’. It was brilliant. I had it on videotape, but sadly no longer have tapes…or a video player for that matter. Sort of rare thing that’d be hard to find on the internets.But here are the hightlights:– She places a nappy on her dog who is on heat, to act as a contraceptive.– She buys her husband William 7 shirts – for $2,400.– She is super proud when she ‘only’ takes out $11,000 this month for housekeeping.– She spends $700 a week on her poodles.– She abuses all the staff.– She loves to have her gay friends around who come over and play dressups in her giant walk in wardrobe– She prepares a dinner party for her 10th wedding anniversary, including 4kg salmon, 4kg garlic prawns and a 24kg roasted pig. – In front of said crowd, she serenades her man in karaoke…and absolutely cannot hold a note. I think the song was ‘You are so beautiful’.I was gold, I tells ya.

  4. Apparently she used to live around where I once worked in Hawksburn. She built up quite the reputation for abusing shop people. I also visited Prix de l’amore in Perth, which was quite the event. I could just glimpse her giant portrait beside the “grand staircase”. I practically know her!

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