I was discussing with Simon the other day how, for us, itunes is our uncomfortable telltale heart. No matter how we might explain away our musical predilections, itunes is there to soberly tap us on the shoulder and whisper ‘this is who you are, and don’t you forget it’. I’ve always seen my musical taste as democratic, imagining that unlike some people who were bound up in cool, I was unafraid to explore musical territory off limits to more squeamish types. Think B*witched.

If I liked it, I’d listen to it. Particularly pre-Spice Girls era, and in the context of school machismo this was actually the most alt you could get. When everyone else was talking loudly about Pearl Jam I was enjoying Madonna’s Like a Prayer. One reason I felt confident in my belief in pop was that my taste extended away from it too. If I could handle Kate Bush’s The Dreaming, then I must be somewhat avant garde, and at the very least well out of TTfm waters. 

But it occurred to me recently, when I was driving home *feeling* something to PCD’s I Hate This Part, that the breadth of my taste was narrowing, and it was narrowing towards pop. They say that at 30 your musical taste solidifies, which presents the real risk that I might be creepily listening to Miley Cyrus at 55. Is it that the my emotional range is shrinking? Or is PCD’s emotional range extending? If Disney truly is the new Motown, then maybe I’m just ahead of the curve?
But what does itunes have to say about the state of my musical taste? It does not lie, after all…
Top 10 most recently played:
1. [Actually I can’t bring myself to reveal this]
2. Give It 2 Me [Eddie Amador Edit) — Madonna
3. Moments of Pleasure — Kate Bush [hmm… this seems a bit depressive]
4. Erotica [Confessions tour version] — Madonna [I stand fully behind this]
5. Give It 2 Me [Paul Oakenfold Edit]– Madonna
6. The One [Freemason’s Vocal Edit] — Kylie Minogue
7. See You Again  — Miley Cyrus
8. Sunset — Kate Bush
9. Nocturn — Kate Bush
10. Human — The Killers
So there you go. My top 10 most recently played is dominanted by one of the worst albums of last year, Hard Candy, which I actively dislike but obviously compulsively crave. Actually before I fiddled with the criteria, Delta’s In This Life was my 8th most played song ever, which I absolutely do not accept. Either that’s in error (which I genuinely think it is), or else I’m some pop music version of a homophobic closeted homosexual.


2 responses to “

  1. Guy! You have to tell the number one!

  2. OK, but I really don’t think it makes sense because I haven’t listened to it for so long… It was Hips Don’t Lie. I really don’t understand. It’s not like I hip-shake my way round the house when no one’s watching…Although I think you have a soft spot for it, no?Now get back to work!

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