I really, really, really like this. Could this be an impending Autumn of amazing pop? I wasn’t a huge fan of Fundamental (a bit too minimal for my liking — to be appreciated, but never listened to), but this seems a bit lighter and… umm, tinklier. Actually, it reminds me of Sugababes’ Ace Reject, or The Best Song of All Time. Wouldn’t mind some new Pet Shop Boys themes though. The emptiness of beauty, taking too much, “more, more, more” — a bit Dorian Gray, isn’t i?


2 responses to “Promising!

  1. damn – its been pulled – but I keep hearing good things. However, ‘new’ themes for PSB?! Never. They always write about the same thing, just with different metaphors. In fact, I have the theory that every song is actually about how much they love each other but how it just doesn’t work when they’re together (i.e. what So Hard is explicitly about and is, therefore, a HEARTBREAKER of a perfect pop song). I am one for a tragic backstory though… I never want PSB to sing about something else because I love them so much as they are and I love the familiarity. And I’d really quite like to marry Neil. So there.

  2. here now:

    His voice just makes me feel better… and with simultaneous ennui… they’re amazing like that.

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