Hot Chip

Just for a change I went to a gig last night that was not being held at Rod Laver arena, to see Hot Chip. And they were very ace. But my god, what an irritating crowd — I feel like I’ve been vomited on by 22 year old culture, which is not a nice feeling. A few observations:

1. I am very much older than I was.
2. MGMT are wielding an unfortunate influence on young male culture, with their unkempt Brooklyn boho look fusing in an uncontrolled manner with Australian jock culture. The result is lots of 22 year old guys sporting unwashed mops of hair and bangly things. This seems an extension of Australian jock protocol which demands the display of shell necklaces obtained from family trips to Bali.
3. Young people dance in a strange manner featuring head-jerking and elbow-jabbing.
4. The mixing of Scotch College sports jacket and pseudo-palestinian scarf things is apparently now a “look”.

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