Arrrghh. I find Susie Orman so frustrating! Here is her thesis: People who are struggling with money have low self esteem. People who have lots of money have high self esteem. Your personal worth equals your self worth. And there’s Oprah nodding along, as Susie O starts making people cry who obviously have low self worth. It’s like there’s some particular talk-show universe in which grand metaphysical statements which obviously make no sense are let pass without challenge (although I guess comforting metaphysics is Oprah’s bread and butter). So the reason for economic polarisation is self-esteem? Some have it, some don’t. Those who have it rise to the top, those who don’t sink to the bottom, 1890s style. So society must rely on a certain number of people to have low self esteem to do the jobs that people with high self esteem don’t want to do. Or can we just use migrant workers who must come from countries with low self esteem to plug the gap? I guess we also don’t need welfare or anything like that, since people can just choose to have high self-esteem (which is her subtext). I know that what she’s selling is a kind of comfort (if I don’t have much money, the only thing holding myself back is myself), but in a way doesn’t this just provide one more thing to feel worried about (if I don’t have much money, it’s my fault). 

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